Dodo Blue and Company has created a selection of adorable snuggle puppets for newborns and toddlers. They come in an assortment of colors and are 100% natural terry cloth cotton.  Each one has sweet big-eyes, little nose, and cute freckles. Each lovey comes with a unique name and story, Dodo, the original, but check out Coco, Momo, Bobo and more…

blue with blue eyes
pink with pink eyes
yellow with yellow eyes
white with pink eyes
white with blue eyes

Limited supply – Order yours today!

The first 500 are “collectible Dodos” with a special embroidered heart on each one.



wendyI am Wendy Overend, PhD, doctor of human development, and child development expert.  I created two small terrycloth puppets in blue for my son, Charlie, when he was a baby. They were the best thing I have ever created. He named the first one Dodo, when he was little. Dodo became this amazing family member… a pet, a puppet, a sibling, a friend. It was incredible to see how much LOVE Dodo brought into our lives and how much a part of the family Dodo became. When we lost the original Dodo, Charlie was 2 1/2 years old and so the substitute Dodo stepped in. Thank Goodness I had the foresight to make two…

So, folks, when Charlie was ready to share his story we decided we wanted to create lots of little Dodo puppets to share with all the children of the world. This is the home of Dodo Blue and friends, our sweet snuggle puppet and baby companion which was created as a best first friend for each new and precious baby. Dodo can help to develop creativity and word development. Dodo is the perfect carry toy to have in the car seat, crib, diaper bag and with day care provider or at Grammy’s house.

Full-family-smallEvery parent wants a healthy happy baby and by introducing Dodo to baby early in life the snuggle puppet becomes baby’s first friend. All friends and family of a little one can provide their baby with a Dodo Blue lovey to ensure they are happy and calm when left in their care.  This item is intended to be a small compact comfort blanket in the shape of a puppet and made of durable but natural 100% cotton terrycloth. Super easy to wash, in fact Dodo can double as a washcloth and bath toy too! 

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